Zip Lock pouches are available ready in stock in the following size given in the table below.

Our bag capacities/weight mentioned below are based on grams(g) and kilogram(kg) weight.The capacity for other products may vary depending on their density.


6cm*8cm 5g 10g 10g
7cm*10cm 15g 20g 20g
8cm*12cm 30g 40g 40g
10cm*15cm 70g 70g 70g
11cm*23cm 180g 210g 210g
12cm*17cm 120g 130g 140g
13cm*18cm 150g 190g 200g
13cm*25cm 250g 340g 350g
13cm*35cm 450g 630g 640g
14cm*16cm 140g 180g 200g
14cm*20cm 230g 270g 280g
15cm*22cm 300g 360g 380g
15cm*35cm 600g 830g 850g
15cm*40cm 800g 900g 1kg
15cm*45cm 900g 1.2kg 1.3kg
16cm*24cm 400g 480g 500g
17cm*25cm 550g 600g 620g
18cm*28cm 650g 840g 850g
18cm*38cm 1kg 1.3kg 1.4kg
18cm*45cm 1.4kg 1.7kg 1.8kg
20cm*20cm 400g 520g 530g
20cm*25cm 650g 870g 880g
20cm*30cm 1kg 1kg 1.1kg
20cm*40cm 1.5kg 1.7kg 1.8kg
22cm*32cm 1.3kg 1.3kg 1.4kg
25cm*36cm 1.8kg 2.2kg 2.3kg
28cm*38cm 2.5kg 2.7kg 2.8kg
30cm*40cm 3kg 3.2kg 3.3kg
33cm*48cm 4.3kg 5.2kg 5.3kg
35cm*50cm 5kg 5.7kg 5.8kg
40cm*50cm 5.5kg 6kg 6.3kg
40cm*60cm 6.5kg 7kg 7.3kg


6cm*8cm 5g 10g 5ml
7cm*10cm 10g 20g 10ml
8cm*12cm 30g 40g 30ml
10cm*15cm 50g 80g 100ml
11cm*23cm 210g 230g 230ml
12cm*17cm 110g 150g 150ml
13cm*18cm 200g 210g 200ml
13cm*25cm 280g 360g 330ml
13cm*35cm 490g 650g 650ml
14cm*16cm 170g 220g 200ml
14cm*20cm 250g 300g 250ml
15cm*22cm 350g 400g 400ml
15cm*35cm 650g 870g 850ml
15cm*40cm 850g 1.1kg 1.1L
15cm*45cm 1.1kg 1.4kg 1.3L
16cm*24cm 450g 530g 550ml
17cm*25cm 600g 640g 650ml
18cm*28cm 700g 880g 800ml
18cm*38cm 1.2kg 1.5g 1.2L
18cm*45cm 1.5kg 2kg 1.8L
20cm*20cm 420g 550g 500ml
20cm*25cm 700g 800g 800ml
20cm*30cm 1.1kg 1.2kg 1.2L
20cm*40cm 1.6kg 2kg 1.7L
22cm*32cm 1.4kg 1.5kg 1.4L
25cm*36cm 2kg 2.5kg 2.5L
28cm*38cm 2.8kg 3kg 2.7L
30cm*40cm 3.3kg 3.5kg 3L
33cm*48cm 4.5kg 5.5kg 4L
35cm*50cm 5.5kg 6kg 5L
40cm*50cm 6kg 6.5kg 6L
40cm*60cm 7kg 7.5kg 7L


Vacuum Bag (160mic) 200pcs

Quiware Vacuum Bag provide optimum freshness and a positive reliable seal. The Nylon/Polyethylene pouch extends the shelf life of food … Read More

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