Vacuum Sealer vs168

Beautifully crafted and of the highest quality,
this vacuum sealer will not let you down

Now for only RM899

Get ready

To be amazed

Dual sealing

Ideal for wet items and provides seal security and durability


Able to work continuously 

Heavy Duty Motor

Ideal for sealing large quantities of food at one time.

The VS168 Vacuum Sealer even stands up to the test of a professional kitchen.  Durable, and built to last!  Each purchase comes with a warranty: 12 months for home use,  Once you’ve tried our vacuum sealer, you’re going to love 

Vacuum sealing is the best way to store your food

With the dual sealing technology, food can be sealed and frozen for up to three years WITHOUT tasting like it.  By completely eliminating the air inside the packaging, food looks and tastes like you bought it yesterday.  Imagine the money you’ll save when you stop throwing food away!

CORD storage

powerful vacuum strength

Dual sealing

Built in roll cutter

3 Pin Malaysia Standard Plug

Production Dimensions: H120 x L200 x W400
Product Weight: 4.0KG
Noise: <72dB
Air evacuation volume: 20 Litres/min
Max Vacuum Pressure: 0.85 Bar Max

Special offer

The unit comes with 2 rolls of sous vide bags