Sous Vide Roll

Customizable length sous vide packaging for your need. Excellent high density micro-channels in Quiware® sous vide vacuum roll, make them so flexible, providing an air-tight fit and keeping food fresh for longer.

RM22.00 – RM52.00


PA/PE multi layered textured channel roll with 4mm barrier film, Easy sealing, boilable, microwavable, freezable, and free of BPA and other toxins.

Food Grade and BPA Free

Made from BPA free, food safe materials.

Malaysia SGS Report: CRSSA/09765/17

USA PDA Report : CANEC130776201

EU Certification No : CANEC1112005402A01

Custom Length

Can be cut to any length and work with Quiware® Vacuum Sealer and other model machines.

Freezer Bag

The bags are ideal for the freezer because they will keep all air and moisture out, preventing food from getting freezer burn and becoming dry and tasteless.

**Compatible with all Chamber and Clamp type vacuum machine.