Zip Lock pouches are available ready in stock in the following size given in the table below.

Our bag capacities/weight mentioned below are based on grams(g) and kilogram(kg) weight.The capacity for other products may vary depending on their density.

9cm*13cm 40g 80g 60g 80g
11cm*16cm 100g 150g 170g 190g
13cm*18cm 200g 200g 230g 260g
15cm*22cm 350g 450g 500g 600g
18cm*26cm 750g 1kg 1.1kg 1.2kg
21cm*31cm 1.1Kg 1.5kg 1.7kg 1.9kg
23cm*35cm 1.5Kg 2.2kg 2.4kg 2.6kg
26cm*35cm 2kg 2.8kg 3kg 3.4kg
30cm*42cm 3kg 4.8kg 5kg 5.6kg
30cm*50cm 4kg 5.8kg 6kg 6.7kg


9cm*13cm 100g 20g 80ml
11cm*16cm 220g 40g 180ml
13cm*18cm 320g 70g 250ml
15cm*22cm 650g 200g 550ml
18cm*26cm 1.3kg 400g 1L
21cm*31cm 2.2kg 650g 1.7L
23cm*35cm 3.2kg 850g 2.2L
26cm*35cm 3.7kg 1kg 2.5L
30cm*42cm 5.5kg 2.2kg 3L
30cm*42cm 6.5kg 3kg 3.8L


Stand Up Zip Lock Pouch Pure Aluminium 100pcs

Our stand up pouches are available with unique and innovative designs, which is an effective marketing tool for attracting potential consumers towards the products. When the stand up pouches are empty they are extremely light in weight and flat, meaning they take a minimal amount of storage and also cost less in terms of transportation, making them cost effective and economical for packaging your products.
Quiware Stand up pouches are formed to stand freely on the shelves. The bottom gives capacity for expansion and provides needed support for standing up-right on the display area.

These materials offer more flexibility and durability to the pouches. Quiware pouch are able to provide a high barrier against moisture, oxygen and light, conserving its contents for longer. Stand up pouches are more suitable for packaging of products like

-Baked food
-Pet food
-Cosmetics, etc.

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