Le Vid Pro QLV388 – Sous Vide Cooking Immersion Circulator

The Quiware Le Vid Immersion Circulator is the perfect choice for sous vide cooking. The ultimate in tenderizing and temperature control, our immersion circulator simplifies cooking. Home chefs simply set the desired time and temperature of their circulator, submerge the food, and then walk away. The Le Vid operates at a whisper-quiet level, so you can work in the kitchen without being disturbed.

The Le Vid Sous Vide thermal circulator uses a professional-grade pump to circulate the water, providing consistent cooking temperatures resulting in a uniform, perfect texture and superior flavor. With sous vide cooking, your food will always be cooked evenly throughout, with no overcooked meals. Sous vide cooking is also a healthier option, locking in nutrients and moisture. A user-friendly design makes the Le Vid a great choice for the first-time user, and its commercial-grade strength makes it just as appealing for the professional chef.

Circulation Pump: Powerful 2300 watts, the Le Vid is able to heat water to the desired temperature quickly. The pump operates at a quiet noise level.

Temperature Range: 5℃ to 95℃, level of accuracy ±.05℃. Can also switch to Fahrenheit easily.

Water Bath Capacity: Able to heat up to 80 liters (21.1 gallons) of water.

Water Level Sensor: Water levels are clearly marked with Min and Max. Le Vid will automatically shut off if the water level gets below Min.

Timer: This allows you to set sous vide cooking time and will sound when done.

Size: Slim profile stainless steel design, gives you more room in the water bath, fox maximum bath utilization. 13” x 2.5” x 6”

Adjustable Clamp: Allows for secure placement on most sizes of pots, buckets, or water containers.

Brand: Quiware Model Name: Le Vid 388 Filter: Removable
Temperature: 5℃ to 95℃, ±.05℃ Display: LED display Capacity: 80 Liters
Electrical Specs : 220V ~ 240V ,50 Hz , 2300Watts Sensor 1: Max-level shutoff Pump: DC 12V Motor
Weight : 3 Kg Sensor 2: MIn-level alert sensor Time Setting : 0-99 hours

Condition: New SKU: QLV388
Machine Dimensions : 140mm*143mm*302mm Package Dimensions : 20cm*20cm*39.5cm
Plug : 3 Ways (Malaysia Standard) Cable Length : 1 meter

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