Vacuum Bag (Retort Pouch) 100pcs

Quiware Retort Pouch bags are a new way used for canning food for storage in the commercial industry. This process was first developed for the military for MRE food supplies. Retort canning is fast becoming an industry standard for food preparations.

Packaging and sealing meats, fruits, vegetables, pasta, beans any food desired even water, for long-term shelf stable storage is no longer for just commercial applications.

Can at your own risk as there are no FDA guidelines for home users. However many home-owners and small businesses can take advantage of the light weight, smaller packaging and superior flexibility of canning with retort bags.

Quiware Retort bags work best when vacuum sealed in a chamber unit. The removal of the air in the bag is needed when placing the bag under pressure in a canner.

Home-owners who choose to try their hand at retort canning follow all sanitary and temperature guidelines relating to canning and vacuum sealing. Our experience not to be taken as FDA approved has been to extend the cooking time by at least 20% over home canning recommendations.
Why are these bags so good?

• Food safe PA/CPP
• Nice and thick
• Resilient & hard to puncture
• Great quality

If you are unsure if you vacuum sealer will work with our embossed vacuum sealer bags or rolls then send us an email or give us a call.

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