Smart design

Quiware has made some smart design and construction solutions. For example, the smooth, deep drawn vacuum chambers in all table top models and the fact that every corner is easy to reach and there are no cables or welding seams in the chamber


Pack a variety of products in a range of bags and pouch sizes

Quality brand

Quiware offers the most complete range of professional vacuum packaging machines. From the smallest homeuse vacuum packer up to the largest heavy duty vacuum double chambers. Besides, Quiware is a quality brand with some unique features

Simple to clean

Hygienic design with removable seal bar and filler plates; no corners, edges or areas for contaminants to collect

RaZer TSV28
RaZer TDV40

Tabletop chamber machines from the RaZer series are a cost-effective solution for packaging in film pouches. They can be used very flexibly due to their compact dimensions. A transparent chamber lid permits a view into the packaging procedure. The tabletop machines are easy to operate, clean and maintain.

RaZer TSV45