Vacuum Bag (Embossed) 100pcs


  • 07cm x 10cm
  • 07cm x 12cm
  • 09cm x 12cm
  • 10cm x 15cm
  • 10cm x 20cm
  • 12cm x 17cm
  • 12cm x 20cm
  • 13cm x 18cm
  • 15cm x 20cm
  • 15cm x 25cm
  • 17cm x 25cm
  • 20cm x 25cm
  • 20cm x 30cm
  • 22cm x 32cm
  • 25cm x 30cm
  • 25cm x 35cm
  • 28cm x 35cm
  • 30cm x 40cm
  • 30cm x 50cm
  • 32cm x 45cm
  • 35cm x 50cm
  • 40cm x 60cm
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Quiware vacuum sealer bags have a special embossed pattern that is compatible with all vacuum sealers.

Our vacuum sealer bags have a special criss-cross pattern which allows your vacuum sealer to work better. Quiware bags are embossed on one side only and smooth on the other, this gives the best of both worlds as the air is still drawn out correctly but the clear side is available for presentation purposes and perfect viewing of your sealed item. In fact some brands of vacuum sealer specifically require this exact type of bag; although our bags will work with any vacuum sealer ever made. They are also Sous Vide and boil in the bag compatible.

Quiware vacuum bags are BPA, lead and phthalate free and are compliant with EU directive 2002/72/EC – plastic materials that come into contact with food. We believe we are offering the best value for money for the quality of bag and peace of mind you are getting, when ordering your vacuum bags from Quiware.

The bags are made from the highest quality food safe multi-layered PA/PE. The PA (polyamide) layer is needed to stop air entering the bag, it is an air impenetrable exterior. The PE (Polyethylene) layer is safe to be in contact with food and is a food approved interior.

Vacuum sealer bags are great for convenience. Just place your food inside the vacuum bag pouch and you’re ready to vacuum seal.

These bags can used in the freezer, microwave (place a small slit in the bag first) and for sous vide cooking. Also you don’t have to wait for the hot food to cool before placing it in these special bags.

Why are these bags so good?

• Food safe PA/PE
• Nice and thick
• Resilient & hard to puncture
• Special Criss-Cross effect
• Great quality
• Sous Vide and boil in the bag compatible.

If you are unsure if you vacuum sealer will work with our embossed vacuum sealer bags or rolls then send us an email or give us a call.

We also offer Vacuum Bag in ROLL

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Bag Size (W x H)

07cm x 10cm, 07cm x 12cm, 09cm x 12cm, 10cm x 15cm, 10cm x 20cm, 12cm x 17cm, 12cm x 20cm, 13cm x 18cm, 15cm x 20cm, 15cm x 25cm, 17cm x 25cm, 20cm x 25cm, 20cm x 30cm, 22cm x 32cm, 25cm x 30cm, 25cm x 35cm, 28cm x 35cm, 30cm x 40cm, 30cm x 50cm, 32cm x 45cm, 35cm x 50cm, 40cm x 60cm