Quiware RaZer TSV45


The RaZer TDV45 is designed to be as compact as possible, and reduce the amount of counter space which is used, while still leaving plenty of room in the chamber, with a deep chamber and convexed lid for extra height.


Technical specifications:

Brand : Quiware

Serier : RaZer Model : TSV45

Machine dimensions W x D x H in mm : 520 x 560 x 480

Chamber dimensions W x D x H in mm : 455 x 450 x 165

Sealing bar arrangement/dimensions : 1 x 430mm

Pump output in m³/h : 20

Standard voltage : 240V – 50Hz

Machine cycle : 20-40sec

Power Consumption(kw) : 0.75

Net Weight : 57kg Machine

Type : Tabletop Chamber

Gas Flush : N/A

Maximum Bag/Pouch Size W x L in mm : 430 x 500

Condition : New

Plug : Malaysia Standard 3pin


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