3 Side Sealed Pouch (Aluminium + Clear) 100pcs


Quiware Aluminium 1 side Transparent Vacuum Bag are not only Dishwasher but also Microwave Safe,Freezable and Reusable. These aluminium Bag are really useful and practical. This product is designed for your restaurant,family’s food or party’s food in order to keep fresh.
Usage: Dry fruit, sugar, snack, nut, cloth, rice, powder, beans and all kinds food.

As you can see the three sides of the bag are sealed, only one side opens. After stuffing food in it, you need to vacuum and seal by a vacuum sealer.

1. Keep optimum freshness, aroma, airtight and secure your foods, valuables, documents, electronic, and medicine.
2. Keep food fresh up to FIVE times longer.
3. Heavy duty bags, for use with chamber vacuum sealer.
4. Freezable, refrigerated, and boilable.
5. FDA, LFGB approved, BPA free

1. Waterproof, vacuum, heat seal. Can use the heat sealing sealer to seal the bag
2. Perfect for coffee, beans, candy, sugar, tea, nuts, dried fruit, dried flowers, powder, snack and more food long term storage. Jewelry making, crafts, costume design, electronic products & accessories and so on package bag.

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