Sous Vide Roll

Quiware Sous Vide Bag are food-safe, heat-safe and specially designed for sous vide cooking. They are also suitable for traditional and microwave cooking, as well as preserving food in the refrigerator or freezer. Our bag have been third-party tested and verified to be free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), lead and phthalates.

Quiware Sous Vide bags are perfect for:

  • Cooking Sous Vide
  • Harvesting Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, & Herbs
  • Processing Fish & Wild Game
  • Marinating
  • Buying in Bulk
  • Storing Leftovers
  • Meal Prepping
  • Long Term Freezer Storage


Q:Can Quiware® Bags / Rolls be put in the freezer?

问:Quiware® 袋子/卷袋可以放进冰箱吗?

A:Yes. The bags are ideal for the freezer because they will keep all air and moisture out, preventing food from getting freezer burn and becoming dry and tasteless.


Q:Are Quiware® Bags/Rolls safe for food use?

问:Quiware® 所提供的包装可以用于食品?

A.Yes. The bags are made of materials that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined to be safe for food use.

答:是的,Quiware® 所以包装袋是由该美国食品和药物管理局( FDA)已经确定为用于食品安全的材料,所以可以放心使用。

Q:Can Quiware® Bags be washed?

问:Quiware® 袋可以进行清洗?

A:Yes, but it depends on the previous contents of the bag. Bags that previously contained fruits, vegetables, breads and dry goods can be washed and reused. Bags that contained raw meats, fish, eggs or un-pasteurized cheese should be discarded after use because they may contain invisible bacteria that will remain after washing. Bags that contained greasy or oily foods should also be discarded, as they may be difficult to clean. Quiware® Bags can be washed by hand. Dry completely. They can then be re-vacuumed.

答:是的,但是这取决于原先包装的食物。原先装水果袋,蔬菜,面包和干品可水洗和重复使用。如生肉,鱼,蛋或奶酪包装袋使用后应丢弃,因为它们可能含有看不见的细菌。食物包含油腻或含油的食品包装袋也应丢弃,因为它们可能难以清洗。 Quiware® 袋可以用手洗涤。等完全干燥后。他们才可以被重新抽真空。

Q:Can Quiware® Bags be put in the microwave?

问:Quiware® 能在微波炉中使用?

A:Yes. You can heat cooked foods, such as leftovers, in a Quiware® bag. The bags should never be used to cook raw foods. When microwaving, cut open a corner of the bag before putting it in the microwave so steam can escape. Avoid microwaving foods containing a lot of oil, as oil will get hot very quickly and could cause the sides of the bag to stick together.


Q:Can Quiware® Bags be re-sealed?

问:Quiware® 可以重新封口?

A:Yes. Just cut off the existing seal, remove as much food as you need, then re-vacuum package. Be sure to wipe off any food or grease residue inside the bag near the seal area. You can also re-seal Quiware® Bags after you have washed them.

答:是的。您只需要剪掉现有的封条,然后重新包装。一定要擦掉密封区域附近任何食物或油脂残渣这样就可以重新用Quiware® 封口机进行封。

Q:Why do Quiware® Bags cost more than other plastic bags?

问:为什么Quiware® 真空袋成本比其他塑料袋贵?

A:Other plastic bags are usually made of one layer of polyethylene (a type of plastic). Quiware® Bags are 3-layer including an outer layer of nylon. The nylon layer not only makes the bags stronger, it also creates a complete air, moisture and odor barrier. Unlike other bags, Quiware® Bags can be simmered in water or microwaved (so you can reheat leftovers or pre-cooked dinners).

答:其他的塑料袋是由聚乙烯制成仅仅一层(一种类型的塑料)而已。 Quiware®袋是使用3层复合及尼龙的外层。尼龙层不仅使袋强,它也创造了一个完整的空气,湿气和气味阻隔。不像其他的包装袋,Quiware® 真空袋是可以在水中煮或微波(这样你就可以再热剩菜或预煮晚餐) 。

Q:Will flour still get bugs in it after it is vacuum packed?


A:Insects and their larvae cannot survive in a low oxygen environment, such as that created when you vacuum package your dry foods such as flour, cornstarch, corn meal and cereals


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