Vacuum Sealer Pro – VS188

The Quiware Professional Vacuum Sealer 188,is perfect for vacuum sealing soups, stews, marinades, and other foods for sous vide cooking applications, the Quiware Vacuum Sealer (Pro) vacuum packaging machine seals by taking all the air out and makes a stronger double seal than external vacuum packaging machines. This means that you can use this machine to seal liquids in bags for more efficient storage.

Features an easy to use control panel with pre-set vacuum settings for simple operation. You’ll be able to marinate meats and fish with the marinating function. Also seal delicate items with the pulse button or use accessory port to pack in storage containers

BEST FOR PROFESSIONAL SETTINGS: Economic and highly flexible option that can be moved within a production line or even to another facility.

Rapid Cycle Time: The quick cycle time or this machine, 30-60 seconds, allow you to quickly seal portion of food for freezing or sous vide cooking

Powerful Pump: This unit has a powerful pump to remove air from the chamber – plus, the dry style is designed to be maintenance free.

Simple Control: The vacuum power and the seal time on this vacuum sealer can be adjusted by the electronic control panel located above the motor. For preparing meats and sous food, the marinating cycle is ideal for infusing deep flavor.

Brand : Quiware Series : Pro Model Name : VS188
Machine type : Tabletop Display : LED control panel Maximum Bag/Pouch Size: 40cm
Power Frequency: 350 watts Weight : 5.9 Kg Pump : DC 12V Motor

Condition : New SKU : VS188
Machine Dimensions : 500mm x 280mm x 150mm Standard Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Plug : 3 Ways (Malaysia Standard) Cable Length : 1 meter

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