Made from high quality food grade materials, non-toxic and tasteless.

Air Tight

Strong nylon laminated materials, puncture resistant after vacuum sealed.Good effect of vacuum sealing, can be moisture & mildew proof.

Food Grade and BPA Free

Made from FDA approved, BPA free, food safe materials.
Germany LFGB Report : CANEC1310776202
USA PDA Report : CANEC130776201
EU Certification No : CANEC1112005402A01

Totally Clear

Can display the products well. Surface can adhesive label sticker.


Laminated Material, 100% Nylon + PE Laminated

All Of Them

Quiware Vacuum Bag can be used in any counter top vacuum sealer.

Zip Lock pouches are available ready in stock in the following size given in the table below.

Our bag capacities/weight mentioned below are based on grams(g) and kilogram(kg) weight.The capacity for other products may vary depending on their density.

8cm*5cm*29cm 400g 570g 580g 600g
9cm*4cm*25cm 300g 360g 370g 400g
10cm*5cm*25cm 350g 450g 460g 500g
10cm*5cm*32cm 500g 730g 750g 800g
10cm*6cm*33cm 650g 920g 930g 1kg
12cm*6cm*33cm 800g 1kg 1.1g 1.2kg
13cm*7cm*38cm 1kg 1.5kg 1.6kg 1.7kg
15cm*8cm*42cm 1.5kg 2.1kg 2.2kg 2.5kg
18cm*6cm*40cm 1.7kg 2kg 2.1kg 2.6kg
Vacuum Bag (Gusset) 50pcs

Quiware Side gusset bags have become a packaging favorite as they are convenient, stylish and durable.They are chosen due to their ease of use and less space occupying factor.We have gained a great reputation in the packaging market. We offer side gusset bags in various sizes, shapes, colors and categories.

The layout of gusset bags is a pouch with two side gussets and a bottom sealing. One side of the pouch remains open allowing for easy filling and sealing. The products get extra strength with the help of a bottom sealing. The central seal allows the pouch to stand by itself and provide the bottom seal with more strength.

Gusseted bags are best used for promotional packaging, as the side gusset bag can stand by itself on the shelf which portrays an appealing appearance. Gusset bags are filled with various products like
Protein powder
Pet food
Organic products
Pharmaceutical products

Please note that:
1) In order to achieve the effect of vacuum seal, please check your vacuum sealer can vacuum these gusset bags before you order (some vacuum sealer only can vacuum bags with lines)
2) As manual measurement, please allow the size of the item will be a small range error
3) Please confirm the size before you place an order

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